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What I like most about working in a collage format is the synergy. I like being able to control the impact of a piece by manipulating the juxtaposition of part in a way that creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. What items to select? How to scale them? How to crop them? Where to place them? Sometimes the overall is designed to make a personal statement. Sometimes it is intended to be nothing more than an aesthetic expression. Each of the six prints in these three collections is composed of antique elements assembled in a bold contemporary style. Because of their transitional nature each can be used to accent or interpret the style of its surroundings . Each print depending upon how it is displayed can identify the look of its environment the way a simple punctuation mark defines the meaning of a sentence.

Craig Mierop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          March, 2018                            

Prints are  16" x 20" at a cost of $350. Each is print is custom printed upon request on museum quality 100% cotton archival paper. Every print is guaranteed never to fade or yellow.  Each collection is offered in a numbered addition of 25. To enhance the decorative value of the image all prints can be produced in custome sizes. Prices for custom sizes upon request.

Birds of a different feather

The fact that John James Audubon was as gifted an artist as he was an ornithologist is a blessing to us all. He was the first naturalist to present the documentation of birds in the actions of the everyday lives.

Because he illustrated every bird at its truthful size and printed his work on large sheets of paper the smaller birds which often appear in groups have been greatly underappreciated.

In this collection some of his lessor known birds have been used out of context in conjunction with images from other period sources to create a more interesting context of color and scale. It is the bold and graphic quality of this collection that makes it suitable to a vast range of interior styles.


Timeless beauty

The portraits that in this collection were taken in the Washington D.C. studio of Harris & Ewing some time before 1910. Harris & Ewing was a full service studio but specialized in formal portraits of the rich and famous.

There is something haunting in the classic features of these women that has been enhanced in this collection by cropping and scale. Other items of the period have been added that compare and contrast the portraits of the women.

The near monotone appearance in sepia of each image adds a flavor of antiquity while the style and scale give it a bolder contemporary feel.




The adaptability of this collection from a classic to a more modern interior is mostly contingent upon choice of a frame. In this case the frame works as an interpreter.  It anchors and accents the intention of the image.

In a classic environment this is not your standard period print even though it is composed entirely of period elements. A more classic frame would most probably serve to connect the image to its surroundings.

In a modern environment it is the content, color and boldness of the images that allows it to make the transition from classic to modern. This can also be further interperted by the selection of frame.